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Features of Agents

Beautiful features of ePro Now for Property Agents. 

  • Agents can create free account online by themselves.
  • Agents get instant referral link to referral other agents or a buyer.
  • Agents can view list of their referrals.
  • Agents are notified of their commissions on their dashboard
  • Agents get commissions paid to their wallet instantly on sales.
  • Agents have view all their transaction records on their dashboard.
  • Agents can withdrawal money in their wallet to their bank account instantly.
  • Agents can also invest money with the company.

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inventory software

Features for Buyers

Our leading real estate management software have also made life easier for buyers.

  • Buyers can create a free account for themselves online.
  • Buyers can reserve properties for themselves or a friend.
  • Buyers can pay for property online using Card, USSD, Bank Transfer with automatic confirmation of payment
  • Buyers can top-up their wallet to buy properties anytime
  • Buyers can choose a repayment plan when paying for a property. They can spread the payment for as lon as 3, 6, 12, 18 and 24 months.
  • Buyers get receipts for all their transactions instantly and can download as PDF
  • Buyers get contract of sales for properties purchased instantly.
  • Buyers can invest and manage their investments.
  • Buyers can withdraw money in their wallet to their bank account instantly.
  • Buyers get notified on all transactions they perform via e-mail and the inbuilt notification system.

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Insights conveniance

Features of Administrator

Save time, reduce overheads, and free-up with the ePro Now software. Beautiful features of the administrators:

  • All Buyers & Agents Management
  • Property / Land Management (Add Estate, Plots in it by SQM, Plot No., Set Price)
  • Manage all property reservation
  • Manage all Property Purchase
  • Set Payment Plan Percentages (Split payment – 3, 6, 12, 24 months)
  • Manage all Repayments
  • See all receipts and also ability to download for users when needed
  • See all running and matured investments
  • See all transactions happening on the system
  • Credit or debit a user's wallet in case of manual deposit to bank account.

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ePro Now works on all devices

iPad POS

Untether and use ePro Now software designed for you anywhere with iPad.

Mobile Phones

Operate with flexibility with ePro NOW software designed for Android & iOS.


Create the ultimate customer experience with mobile devices.

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